Activawords Productions

Activawords offers audio, video and professional photography services to publishing companies specialised in language teaching methods. We have 15 years experience producing audiovisual projects for teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We provide production, filming/ recording, editing and mastering services. We also cater for audiobooks and all varieties of voice-overs.


The educational audio files recreate scenarios from daily life according to the student’s level of knowledge. They are an ideal complement to learning an additional language in a simple and fun way.

Our broadcasters, from different Spanish speaking countries, receive specialised training for these projects. The client will be able to choose between a wide range of voices, age groups and nationalities according their needs.


The videos are an effective support and an excellent complement to the textbook. The actors will perform everyday situations, helping the student’s comprehension.

If required, we can also write the scripts for the client’s videos according to the different learning levels of Spanish as a Foreign language.


Do you need to illustrate your textbook or a beautiful picture for a front page? Perhaps you are looking for a photo novel?

Count on us, this is one of the reasons why we offeractors with a variety of ages and nationalities. In addition, the client will receive an storyboard to have as an illustrated guide of the work that will take place.

Video Demos